Secondary Level (13yrs to 16yrs)

More and more people are devoting time to learning English as a second language these days. Many countries integrate English in their school curricula, and children are learning English at an earlier and earlier age. It is easy to see how vital English is all around the world. Many worldwide corporations hold meetings in English, colleges teach courses in English, and visitors and travellers utilise English as a common language all around the world. English teaches your child to think critically and creatively. English proficiency enables your child to become an excellent communicator, whether in conversation, while filling out medical documents, or when writing essays and reports. English abilities are also a springboard to success in other disciplines, future education, and the workplace. LangueQuest can help you reach your future goals and set you on the path to a prosperous future filled with employment and educational opportunities by offering a choice of English language courses. The list of courses is provided below.

     Course Overview

  • Basic Skills – Body language, Voice Modulation, Basic and Advanced Grammar
  • Active Listening– Listening techniques, Listening and Responding, Paraphrasing, Comprehending and Note making.
  • Conversational Skills – Pronunciation, Accent, Vocabulary, Informal and Formal Conversation, Etiquettes, Self-Introduction, Every day Conversation, Story Narration.
  • Reading Skills– Phonic sounds, Accent and Pronunciation, Sight words, Understanding Genre, Fluency and Expression, Reading strategies, Comprehension Passages, Improving Comprehension, Dictionary Skills.
  • Creative Writing- Crafting Stories (Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, adventurous, super hero), Poetry, Poster making, Advertisements, Academic and Non-Academic Writings.
  • Public Speaking – Speech (Personal, Informative, Demonstrative, Persuasive, Oratorial, Eulogy, Welcome and Vote of Thanks, ), Debating, Story Telling, Reciting Poetry, Group Discussion, MUN, Extempore
  • Soft Skill Development – Leadership, Confidence Building, Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Design Thinking.
  • Presentation Skills – Power Point Presentation, Delivering a TED, Presentation Designing.
  • New Age Skills – You tubing, Podcasting

Related Information

  • Customizing the syllabus
  • Well-qualified instructors for both individual and group lessons
  • Classes that suit your schedule
  • Worksheets and Notes
  • Projects, assignments, and assessments
  • Parent-teacher conferences on a regular basis
  • Reasonable prices