Middle School Level

Our lives depend heavily on the English language since it facilitates communication. All around the world, it is the primary language used for studying any subject. English is often the sole language used for communication, its use as an international language is expanding over time. Four key abilities are required for fluency in the English language -Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. If a learner masters these four skills, his or her English will instantly improve and he or she will acquire confidence in displaying the skills. With increasing competition, it is critical to be fluent in both spoken and written English. LangueQuest provides an excellent way to study the English language, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The course schedule is listed below.

Our Course Overview

Body language, Voice Modulation, Basic and Advanced Grammar.

Listening techniques, Listening and Responding Paraphrasing, Observation skills

Skills- Rhyming words, Pronunciation, Accent, Vocabulary, Etiquettes, Self-Introduction, Everyday Conversation, Picture Description, Story Narration.

Phonic sounds, Accent and Pronunciation, Sight words, Understanding Genre, Fluency and Expression, Reading Strategies, Comprehension Passages, Improving Comprehension, Dictionary Skills

Spelling, Crafting Stories (Fantasy, Horror, Adventurous, Superhero), Poetry, Academic Writing, Narrative Writing

Answering the right questions, Design Thinking, Solving conflicts

Speech (Personal, Informative, Demonstrative, Persuasive), Debating, Story Telling, Reciting Poetry, Group Discussion, You tubing, and Podcasting

Related Information

  • Customizing the syllabus
  • Well-qualified instructors for both individual and group lessons
  • Classes that suit your schedule
  • Worksheets and Notes
  • Projects, assignments, and assessments
  • Parent-teacher conferences on a regular basis
  • Reasonable prices