Elementary Level (4 to 7 yrs)

Early exposure to the English language is crucial for a child’s growth. Students should start learning English at the elementary level since it will make learning English at higher academic levels easier for them.They can learn about new cultures and become more successful in the future. Learning the English language also creates many opportunities for children. In addition, English is widely used in their day-to-day activities. The majority of their daily interactions involve English, which they must comprehend. Our all-encompassing Elementary level English education, which includes fundamental reading, writing, and linguistic and communication abilities, will prepare students to take on challenges and be more self-assured. Our children’s public speaking classes, in particular, may help your child become a confident and captivating speaker.

Our Course Overview

Listening techniques, Listening and Responding, Paraphrasing, Observation skills

Alphabets, Phonic sounds, Sight words, Understanding Genre, Fluency and Expression, Reading strategies, Comprehension Passages, Improving Comprehension, Dictionary Skills

Rhyming words, Pronunciation, Accent, Vocabulary, Etiquettes, Self-Introduction, Every day Conversation, Picture Description

Spellings, Writing Cards, Sentence Making, Describing things around, Crafting Stories, Narrative Writing, Poetry, Comic Strips

Body language, Voice Modulation, Basic Grammar

Answering right questions

Speech (Personal, informative, demonstrative), Story Telling, Reciting Poetry

Related Information

  • Customizing the syllabus
  • Well-qualified instructors for both individual and group lessons
  • Classes that suit your schedule
  • Worksheets and Notes
  • Projects, assignments, and assessments
  • Parent-teacher conferences on a regular basis
  • Reasonable prices